Hebron Hills is a Residential Assisted Living facility for the elderly. It is located close to the Pampa Irrigation project in Mezhuveli Panchayath in the  Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. It is surrounded by rubber plantations, coconut trees and the natural beauty of God’s own country. It is also blessed  with a multitude of temples and churches of a harmonious religious community.  The word “Hebron” is an Aramaic name meaning the “city of peace”.  Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had their residence at Hebron.  Joshua and Caleb named it as the city of refuge. Judah anointed David as a King at Hebron. Hebron was the “Hill Country” in Judah where the house of Zachariah and Elizabeth was. It was where Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit at the greetings of Mother Mary.

Hebron Hills is a gated retirement community with a maximum up to 25 units. Each resident will enjoy their own private room with an attached bathroom, living room and mini kitchen. There is also a common kitchen and dining facility for our residents, their immediate families and guests which can be used with some advance notice.

At the entrance of the Hebron Hills retirement center we have a beautiful six feet tall five layer 54 wick  hand crafted stone  oil lamp with  the St. Thomas Cross where our residents are welcome to light a lamp. Throughout the building there are several Byzantine icons that radiate a calmness in the house. There is also a chapel for the celebration of the Mass and the sacraments. This is part of a multi-purpose hall.

The Standard Facility consists: of a bed room, living room, attached bath with hot water, mini-kitchen, storage, ceiling fan and intercom.

Optional: A/C room, internet and Skype connection.

Common for all: Chapel, conference hall, kitchen & dining, library, PBX connection, periodic medical checkups, bed side assistance at hospitalization with prior request and transportation as needed.

Sacraments: Holy Eucharist, Sacraments (Orthodox Rites) Prayers, Meditation, and Spiritual Counseling in our chapel.